Peugeot 206 XS 1.6, G.T. 2.0, RC

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Sparco have had the sole aim of making the dangerous world of motorsport safer and have been producing some of the finest race suits, seats, safety equipment and car tuning products ever since!


These multi point weld in roll cages from Sparco are designed for Motorsport use and provide protection to the vehicle occupants while adding structural rigidity to the body shell which improves handling. These light weight versions are manufactured from E255 steel

Provides increased protection to vehicle occupants

Increases body shell torsional rigidity for improved handling

Includes additional cockpit bracing tubes for increased strength

Specification - Multi point weld in roll cage which includes additional bracing tubes for improved safety. This also gives much greater torsional rigidity to the body shell which improves handling and provides greater safety. Sparco multi point weld in roll cages represent the highest degree of technology and are built to surpass the minimum limits imposed by the FIA sometimes by as much as 150%. They are required to be wholly welded to the body shell and are supplied with special plates and boxed parts for a complete integration with the car. This type of weld in cage should only be fitted by a competent welder with experience of fitting roll cages.

Cages are supplied unpainted and include door bars and a mounting kit.

Image of the cage is for illustration purposes only and the actual cage may differ.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Manufacturer Sparco