Volvo Penta 2.3/2.5 38 DGES electric choke

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Volvo Penta 2.3/2.5 38 DGES electric choke

Weber replacement carburettor kit for the Volvo Penta 2.3/2.5 marine engine replacing twin Solex carburettors

Supplied with

- Custom intake manifold

- Genuine Spanish Weber 38DGES carburettor

- Custom marine throttle linkage

- Spark arrestor air filter

The total height of PVO107 from the top of the head intake port is 160mm

Please note. We are aware that, in some instances, the OEM Volvo fuel pump outputs in excess of 4psi which can cause the carburettor to flood.

If flooding is experienced after fitting the Weber kit then either a low pressure electric fuel pump or a fuel pressure regulator will be required.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications
Manufacturer Weber