3.5kw Lightweight Heater

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The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater is our second smallest and lightest hot water based heater after the 2.2kw Micro Heater, sacrificing a little weight for performance this unit can be used as a more powerful defrost heater and can also provide more cabin heat.

The heater uses a specially designed copper & brass heater core offering excellent heat transfer capabilities for its size, this is accomplished using a high flow core design, high fin density and ultra-thin wall tube. A lightweight and efficient axial fan is used to draw air through the heater core and expel it through 4x 51mm (2") outlet nozzles. The Axial fans are at minimum 50% lighter and use 25% of the power over traditional centrifugal blowers.

The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater is ideal for use in small vehicles for defrosting windscreens, or as a secondary heating device for vehicles if you already have a heated windscreen. If you are planning on ducting into the pre-moulded under dash trunking/ducting system, then it would be recommended to step up a size to the 5kw Midi Heater with its more powerful 3 speed centrifugal blower.

The heater comes with 1/2" hose fittings as standard, however AN08 hose adapters are available as an optional extra to allow the fitment of braided hose if regulations do not allow standard rubber heater hose to be run in the interior of the vehicle.

Typical weight savings over a production vehicle heating system can be in excess of 6kg.


Heat Output: 3.5 kw

Airflow: 322 m3/hr

Weight: 1.15 kg

Hose Size: ∅ 13mm

Air Nozzle Size: 4x ∅ 51mm

Noise Level: 60 dB
Voltage: 12v

Fan Speeds: Single Speed

Enclosure Construction: Aluminium Enclosure with Black Powdercoat Finish

Heater Core Design: Copper & Brass Core with Copper Fins.

Technische specificaties

Technische specificaties