Bora Variant 1.6/1.8/2.0

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Sytec Power Boost Valves give an instant increase in power to fuel injection engines. They are supplied as a bolt-on valve, or remote fitting kit that simply replaces the existing fuel pressure control valve. Quick and easy to fit, they give noticeably better throttle response and faster acceleration, combined with improved drivability, reduced flat spots and smooth idle speed.

Power Boost Valves are ideal for both fast road and competition use. The rate in increase of fuel pressure is 1.7 times quicker than a standard fuel pressure valve, and unlike standard fuel pressure valves which are permanently pre-set, the Power Boost Valve is adjustable to allow you to vary the fuel pressure as a further performance enhancement. This is particularly suitable for modified engines where the demand for fuel is greater.

Available for a large range of vehicles, please call or email if your vehicle is not listed.

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Technische specificaties
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